• Most accidents, whether they occur at work, at home or on the highway are caused by the failure to follow simple and fundamental safety rules or precautions. For this reason most accidents or injuries can be prevented by recognizing the root cause and doing something about it before the accident occurs. A careful and properly trained operator is the best insurance against an accident or injury.
  • Most of the products manufactured or distributed by B/A Products Co. are OEM equivalents (often used by the OEM’s) or built to specific and recognized industry standards to perform a specific function within the auto transport industry. These products are to be used in the very specific applications for which they were designed. The products offered for sale are only to be used in the manner for which they were designed and within the assigned work load limits.
  • Always follow the instructions of the trailer manufacturer and load supervision. Crocodile Tools assumes those who purchase and use our products are properly trained and familiar with the applications for which an individual product was designed. Crocodile Tools assumes no liability for improperly trained operators or the negligent or improper use, intentional or otherwise, of any of the products. If there is any uncertainty, as to the proper usage, do not proceed. Seek competent professional assistance.
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